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Founded in 2001, Partnership Erie, an outreach program of Penn State Erie, The Behrend College, was established to provide complimentary web planning, development, hosting, and maintenance services to the nonprofit organizations. As Pennsylvania’s land-grant university, Penn State is committed to serve individuals, organizations, and communities across the Commonwealth. The partnerships we establish with the community allow Penn State Erie the opportunity to exchange information with external audiences and reach out to the community by identifying organizational web needs, and the opportunity to plan and develop an approach to electronically presenting and marketing the non-profit organization. This partnership will also enrich the University, its knowledge, and its faculty and staff by enhancing the teaching and learning process, and providing practical experience to students. We have had a busy year of design, community service, and service learning opportunities for our students. Through the web design course, students are involved in community service activities where they were able to apply the experience of website development, SEO and Social Media Marketing to their personal and academic development. Students are linked to real community needs that are designed in cooperation with the defined community partners and service recipients. Not only do the students gain the knowledge needed to design websites and develop online marketing plans, they learn the importance of giving back to the community. There was great enthusiasm for the projects and students express an increased understanding and commitment to community issues. Serving the Erie community for over 13 years, Partnership Erie take pride in offering full-featured, website management services that puts your organization’s best face forward online.

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